I know particular women who have gotten off pretty easily from some of life’s stickier situations and I know they are not kidding. Once, a friend of mine with blonde hair down to the back of her knees crashed an exclusively private party I was already attending as a casual bet that she could get in. Not only did she win the bet, she was escorted right to me by security!

While traveling overseas with an entourage of people, this other friend of mine seemed to have a “boyfriend” stationed in each country we visited. It proved to be a timely benefit as these built in tour guides could take us around better than we would have gotten around ourselves. Still another friend has gotten out of more speeding tickets with her looks than I could ever hope to get out of with what’s left of my charm!

How does this occur? What’s the tendency? Simple. Each one of them according to aesthetics alone are considered Beautiful! Notice the capital “B”. That was intentional because of what often happens. Unusual favor from the common man. Privileges not ordinarily afforded to average-looking people. This doesn’t make them better than anyone else; just different. When this “privilege” is humbly and gratefully accepted, the possibilities seem endless. If it becomes a cause for conceit, the results can be downright disastrous. Herein lies the plight of the Beautiful; the extreme highs and lows but, hardly ever the norm.
As I’ve witnessed each of these stories firsthand, I noticed that “thing” about them that usually catches a person off guard. It’s not so much their features as it is the other’s recognition of them. When the Beautiful smile graciously, it draws the unsuspecting in to a rare space; the aura of awe. The flawless-looking skin, smiling eyes and fitting shape belong to an actual human being! It’s as though they stepped off of a magazine cover. It’s only when we get to know them as regular people that we can pass this initial phase and understand the plight they generally face.

Boyfriends (or girlfriends) can develop a guarded mutual interest mixed with a dose of disdain for all the attention that the Beautiful can garnish. These ongoing issues have a tendency to grow with each potentially friendly acquisition. Before long, the green-eyed monster of jealousy can rear it’s ugly head in the relationship. Not to say that the Beautiful deliberately cause any of this per se. It can become this way through a number of factors. It can start as subtly as an insecurity of either party that can exacerbate certain unwelcome behaviors. One dear friend broke off a sour relationship only to find herself stalked for several weeks afterwards and ultimately murdered in a standoff between her assailant and the police. Though there is no telling who is truly at fault at any given time, the Beautiful also come equipped with another gear; that innocent yet mischievous way of smiling while softening their tone to evade certain trouble.

From childhood, family, friends and strangers often comment positively or negatively  about the child’s comeliness. In school, the Beautiful can become the equal focus of admiration and ridicule. I knew one Beauty in High School who was nicknamed “Maybelline” for all the cosmetics she wore! She looked stunning each and every day but after awhile folks began wondering what she actually looked like without all the “cake up” (that’s what we used to call it). Since their double-edged sword cuts both ways, let’s consider the next person we find stunningly attractive and hold off the pre-judgment. That aloof appearance may shield them briefly from the inevitable. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes, it just is what it is. They are simply being…Beautiful!

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  1. Hi there,
    Interesting topic to write about. I’m not too sure how this information is helpful to people though?
    I believe all women are beautiful and we all have barriers to overcome. Yes some ‘model-looking’ women (or Beauty as you put it) are able to use their looks in certain ways (good for them) because they will also struggle with descrimination in one way or another.
    Anyway, interesting read.

    • Hello Amy. As we see, there may exist a stereotype on what is considered “beautiful”. I agree that it is more of an inner trait (though some don’t understand that as true beauty) yet, it is also an attitude that some carry around to their “advantage” over those impressed with outward appearance. My blog is about their particular issue as I am in the entertainment field and am exposed to more of this behavior than your average person. I went back to read my blog again and if I were to attach advertising, It could have a lot to do with cosmetics and the like, no?

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