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Inviting you to come and let's reason together.

Inviting you to come and let’s reason together.

Hi there! For all intents and purposes, as an avid student and fan of this “game” we call L-O-V-E, I’ve been slicker than snot on a doorknob as well as gullible enough to have fallen for the okie-doke before. Since this “game” can be compared to a sport, I am NOT a Player; I’m a Coach!  Envision Romeo, Don Juan, Casanova and Zorro rolled into one. That’s who I was. Now, I stand along the sidelines; implementing strategies, reviewing plays and developing winners while keeping an eye on the clock. Timing is a crucial element to playing this game correctly.

Male and Female players from every walk of life participate in this game with such gusto and their behavior is hardly ever boring or predictable. Some hearts are on their sleeves. Some play it close to the vest. Some are full of surprises while some telegraph their next move. Some expect so much out of so little. Some simply wait with company. As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes the inevitable stares us down yet, we choose to ignore the warning signs.

How I became a Coach…

As a player in the game, I rose from the proverbial ashes of failed relationships to a respectable level of humility by seeking out and retaining real life answers that counter mainstream traditional thinking. Many of these answers transcend culture, race and, gender.   Through the School of Observation, I listen beyond what is said to the essence of what it means in a spiritual (not “religious”) yet politically incorrect way. We generally speak from the abundance of our hearts. It behooves the rest of us to be able to listen beyond what we hear so as to understand the heart of each matter.  We are bombarded by trends and changes in our culture and society that de-sensitize us from what we could know as true love in its simplest form. When we learn to strip away the “traditional” layers of what we’ve been taught to think, we will be left with simple (hence “nut shell common sense”) strategies for loving and understanding one another to its highest, most fulfilling degree. Enjoy the various topics broached by “the Coach” and feel free to send your questions to me at coach@nutshellcommonsense.com. I’ll do my best to answer each one studiously so we can observe L-O-V-E together!

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  1. Hi , Obviously you are still working on your site as one page didn`t show but I love the story of your G.ma and growing up she looks and must have sounded a wonderful lady.
    It is a poignant tale and very true music is a food of life, in which media, so much love can be told about.

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