Open Marriage. Depending on what we already understand about the initial institution, this term could very well represent the ultimate oxymoron. A traditional marriage vow consists of the term “forsaking all others, for better, for worse” and a few other choice sentiments that would ordinarily seal the deal on paper. It seems that if a couple were to express a desire to be married, these vows and values would continue to be held to the highest standards. Nonetheless, we are experiencing more communication problems in relationships these days because folks are taking a different “slant” on what marriage is and is not. Can we talk?

According to the Biblical base that America was built upon, marriage is between one man and one woman. Why? Because according to scripture, the man was to leave his mother and cling to his wife (one of the same sex as his mother). By doing so in this manner, he may have found similar qualities in a wife that he loves about his mother; making the transition smooth if not painless. If he thought he would have trouble making this transition, he could opt to stay single and compare a few more qualities in other women he knew until arriving at a sound decision. If he treats her like the Queen his Mother already is and like the one her Daddy raised as a fine young princess, we’re on to something splendid. If she respects his intentions to be only with her for the rest of their lives, they agree to marry.

The boundaries have been blown to bits in our society today with the misunderstanding that freedom to express oneself goes beyond how we were wonderfully designed by a loving,

Tom and Sherry and Linda and Harry

Tom and Sherry and Linda and Harry

caring Creator. We want to take what we know to be His precepts and re-interpret them for our own selfish reasons. If marriage is a closed union between a man and wife and an open relationship involves more than two, it’s not a marriage; it’s an open relationship. Don’t bother having a church wedding with a minister talking about honoring vows before God and then inviting Tom, Dick and Sherry into the union. Maybe there should be a ceremony with all the parties involved saying they will all be with only each other at any given time. It still would not constitute a marriage.

Throughout history, we would occasionally hear of a couple who had an open marriage where she had been romantically linked to a,b and c while he had been romantically linked to x,y and z. Some of us would shake our heads while others would trumpet the success of their marriage. Let’s understand this from a Biblical nutshell; which is much older than today’s cultural point of view. Anything short of is, isn’t. If you the reader haven’t figured it out yet, the only point of view that will stand in the end is God’s. He’s the judge, not me. I accept all sorts of oxymorons I see throughout this culture and this world as just that; oxymorons. Don’t even purse your lips to call me “intolerant”. Generally, it’s the ones perpetuating the foolishness that don’t tolerate those who are watching them do it. Their conscience condemns them because they want the dark deeds to be considered light and it can’t. That’s beyond our human control. We have choices to make that come complete with consequences. When your consequences are unfavorable, simply look back at your choices. Sadly for some, there’s a big divide between rights and righteousness and until that gap can be closed, there will be blogs like this just like there will be blogs on the other side.



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